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A cup of coffee takes minutes to make, and you enjoy it for a few minutes more. They say of beer you don't buy it you rent it. Meanwhile recording an album takes years of dedication to learn to play an instument, massive amounts of cordination between band members and lots of creatative hard work, as well as money often paid out of pocket, for local musicians to put thier dreams into a collection of songs to share with the world. Most people won't bat an eye at spending five dollars on a good latte or a craft beer, but those same music lovers would hesitate to spend the same amount on an album from a local band they've never heard of. The Local Shuffle solves this problem, by adding just pocket change to a purchase your already making you can get a window into a local band in the form of a actual song download not just a stream but a song you get to keep and share with your friends. Don't like what you hear? Well now you know. Like what you hear? Find them on facebook/twitter, buy a t-shirt or the full album and figure out when they are playing a show and go support the local music scene with out the gamble of wondering if you will like the band. It's as simple as saying "I'd like to add the Local Shuffle" to any of the always local businesses that sell Local Shuffle stickers to add to your cup of coffee or your beer. Then take the code on the sticker here to our website put in your code and enjoy.